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This is an rp account for the character of Rosco P. Coltrane from the television show The Dukes of Hazzard. Some of this is canon and some is headcanon, especially for stuff that never really got explained.


Mother: Mama Coltrane was never named on the show, so I've chosen the name Olivia. Rosco is very fond of and defensive of his mama. He refers to her as his "sweet mama" and brags about her abilities, such as needlepoint. Some people in Hazzard probably look down on Rosco for living with his mama, but he doesn't care. He's proud to take care of her in her older years and of his family.

Siblings: Rosco has two older sisters, Hortense and Lulu. Hortense was only shown in one episode and didn't interact with Rosco, though there was no sense of hostility between them. Hortense is seven years older than Rosco, which might account for distance between them. Lulu is closer to Rosco's age, though she has five years on him. She took care of Rosco, when their mom was working and Hortense was dating or doing school work. Lulu and Rosco are much closer than Rosco and Hortense. She calls him her "baby brother," even though he's in his late forties. There are hints in the show that Lulu persuaded her husband, Boss Hogg, to help Rosco get elected sheriff.

Extended: Rosco has a lot of cousins, some of them probably the offspring of his Aunt Emma and Uncle Wilbur. Emma and Wilbur live in Nashville, Tennessee. It was never explained, in canon, whether Wilbur or Emma was sibling to Rosco's parent or which parent. Rosco mentions to Boss in one episode that he sometimes sends them money, because they're poor, though it's well established, within the episode itself and previously, that Rosco earns very little money. Rosco also has an Aunt Clara, who lives in Hazzard County.

Career and the Dukes

Rosco is a middle aged sheriff in the fictional county of Hazzard, Georgia, where he was born and raised. Rosco was at one point an honest sheriff. Unfortunately, Rosco's pension was lost in a bond vote. He became both bitter and corrupt. Now he works for Boss Hogg, the county commissioner and Rosco's brother-in-law. Boss is married to Rosco's older sister, Lulu. Rosco is trying to get together enough money to provide him with retirement though Boss barely pays him enough to live on. Boss is also corrupt and is literally a "boss." He runs all of the crime in Hazzard county.

Rosco is constantly chasing the Duke boys, cousins named Bo and Luke, around Hazzard and takes part in schemes to put them in prison. Despite this, it's fairly plain he doesn't mean them any real harm and in fact cares about them. Twice on the show, Rosco willingly gave up, or was pleased to lose, literally millions of dollars, in order to have the Duke boys remain safe and free. In "The Million Dollar Sheriff", Rosco inherits ten million dollars. With the money, he hires a mercenary to get the Duke boys in prison. The mercenary is successful, but it turns out that Rosco inherited ten dollars, not ten million. When Rosco is told this, he reacts with glee, since it means the mercenary has to free Bo and Luke. In "Danger on the Hazzard Express", one of Boss's thugs plans on killing the Dukes, after robbing a train, which would give Boss and Rosco two million dollars. Rosco tells Boss the money isn't worth the Dukes getting hurt and they both help Jesse and Daisy stop the thugs and save the Duke boys.

Rosco has also expressed genuine caring, at times, when the Dukes have been hurt. In "Ten Million Dollar Sheriff", Jesse Duke gets hurt, when spying on the mercenary. Rosco sends him flowers at the hospital and tells the mercenary that he isn't "on any side that gets my friends hurt, even if they are enemies, as well." In "My Son, Bo Hogg", Bo Duke hits his head on a log and is knocked unconscious. Rosco starts to arrest him, until he notices Bo isn't moving, then calls his name in a worried tone, asking if Bo is all right. He even cradles Bo in his lap, while seeing if he's hurt, before taking him to a doctor. In "Ghost of the General Lee", Rosco believes the Duke boys have been killed in one of their car chases. He out and out cries for them, while telling Jesse about it.


In "the Runaway", a federal agent tells Rosco that he used to be the best sheriff in Georgia, but he wasn't worth anything anymore. So, evidently, Rosco really isn't as stupid as the show made him out to be. I think Rosco is a very methodical thinker. He works things out slowly, but thoroughly, and in his own way. He's very capable, when left to his own devices. It's when trying to follow Boss's labyrinthian thoughts that he gets lost and confused. Reluctance also plays a part in Rosco's supposed stupidity. Rosco was an honest sheriff for over twenty years and he's proud of his job and the law. He participates in Boss's schemes to survive and out of anger with the citizens of Hazzard, but deep down, he doesn't like it. He especially doesn't want to succeed at hurting anyone.

Rosco can be very curmudgeonly. At times, he is a bit abrupt and impatient, especially with his subordinates. Basically, he puts on a "tough guy" act. I posted on tumblr once that Rosco is a teddy bear, pretending to be a grizzly. The tough guy act is his attempt to live up to the ideal of a sheriff, that he thinks is expected of him. He has this larger than life image of what a sheriff should be and tries to make himself fit that image. He is also trying to impress people and win the regard of his community...which he probably already has.

Rosco doesn't understand/believe that his community, or the Dukes for that matter, care about him. He is deeply suspicious, because of losing his pension. He sees that as a betrayal and a vote of no confidence from the citizens of Hazzard. Most likely he's wrong, since they keep electing him. He feels the same way about the Dukes, despite all the times they have helped him. He just can't let himself believe that anyone outside his family genuinely cares for him. This contributes to his curmudgeonly behavior, too. In the show, he often complains about being lonely and feeling isolated.

Rosco is also a country boy, who loves fishing, racing, and fist fights. James Best described him as an over grown twelve year old who loves hot pursuit. Though not a very good driver, Rosco does love pursuing criminals, getting excited, whenever there is a chase. He crashes a lot, but always manages to get away, indicating a good deal of physical resilience. When happy or excited, he tends to giggle and say "I love it, I love it!" Though he takes his job seriously, when it's needed, he considers police work to be exciting and a lot of fun.
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